Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A heart of time by Shari j ryan

Charlotte and Hunter.
Hunter is a guy who is a single father to a little girl named Olive. Hunter's wife died giving birth to their little girl. Now after 5 years ham and Olive move from their house to start a new life Orwell a new adventure.
 Charlotte is a single mother to a little girl named Lana. She is just recently divorced for about a year-and-a-half.
 Charlotte and Hunter meet on the first day of Olives first day of kindergarten at the bus stop. Olive and Lana are immediately best friends for life.
 For the past 5 years Hunter has been receiving letters from the woman who received his wife's heart.
 Everything seems to be the going great until Suddenly It's not. Now Hunter is still going through all them emotions from 5 years ago and now everything is back where it used to be.
 Said that is where I'm going to live off of where the book leads to things just get too complicated so you have to read the book and find out what happens next. So this book is really great, it's a tearjerker, and well it will make you cry. You get to see and feel the emotions the hunter goes through throughout this time of him losing his wife and receiving the letters ofrom the recipient of his wife's heart and the times where he's trying his best to move on but for some reason, he keeps holding on to Ellie and he really doesn't know how to do it.
This book is I don't want to stay long but it's not in the short novel it's a decent-sized novel. It's well written and you can feel everything that the characters feel.

 Would I reread this book? yes I would!
Do I recommend this book? Absolutely! I lovedon’t it!!