Saturday, May 14, 2016

Killian by Sabrina Paige

Killian and Lily.
Cupcake and Caveman.
Killian is the oldest of the Saint Brothers. He is not the relationship type and he is not a family man. He does not see how his brothers can be all 'lovey dovey' and care so much for just one woman. Let alone take in a child also. Its just not him.
Lily is a woman who is a widow to a guy that was a very bad man. She just can't understand how she didn't know how EVIL he was until after his death. Right before Lilys husband dies she finds out she's pregnant with sweet little Chloe. Shes her momma up and down and has a spunk just like her.
Killian and Lily isn't looking for love when they run into each other. They are not expecting to run into another but theres just something about the other one that they can't get out of their head.
So When Killian and Lily meet officially in her bakery, things are a little well, not cool. There is so much frustration that its hilarious.
In this book you will get happy, teary, and well laugh your tail in off! The teary parts well, they are happy tears :) I mean whats not to love about a guy who doesnt want the family life but in terms, well he just wants to be happy.
So this book, its great! Im so glad that Killian got story, you learn in the other books that things are a little bit, rough inbetween the brothers, well that gets smoothed out in this book. And you get to find out some other strange information about his brothers, and their wives. This book ties everything together. and everything falls into place. I loved it!
Killians story has got to be my favorite, The first one with River in it is pretty good to ( i can never remember if its Silias or Elias who married her!)
So would i reread this book?! YES.
Would i recommend this book?! YES. But only after you read the other three! There are some things that are out in the open and if you don't know the background story about it, well you'd get totally lost on it! But YES I WOULD!!!
I recieved a copy of this book for my honest review!!!