Monday, November 2, 2015

So.Trashy By Kelley Harvey !

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Well Ms. Kelley Harvey has done it again. i didnt think a book could be as good as So.BAD but So.Trashy has lived up to it. But i do have to admit it wasn't what i thought it was going to be. i expected a BAD girl but she really wasn't. Shes BAD in another way. a good way. She's just trying to help out her Aunt Delores with a few repairs and well she needs money. In the beginning i was thinking WITW [What in the world] but everything comes clear in the end. Give the book a try and see where it takes you! 
Oh and i must say this about Lou and Aunt Delores. OMGEE their personalities ESPECIALLY Aunt Delores. omgoodness she had me laughing everytime she spoke in the book. And Well Lou she has a great personality and her humor is amazing. 
I'm so glad Lou gave buck another chance. They are perfect for one another but i do have to say sometimes i could have slapped Buck. Lou should have. It would have been great getting to picture some of Lous training on Arianne in that one scene but other then that its just a good book and i really can not wait until the next book I will be reading future books by Ms.Harvey ! 
i received this book as an arc to post my honest and true review !