Sunday, November 8, 2015

50 Shades of Grey by EL JAMES !

I put this on my actual personal blog in the beginning of this year but i feel like since i started this blog i need to put it over here also. So here it goes !
It took me exactly 9 1/2 days to finish the trilogy. I came to find out when i was reading the books that it actually has an amazing story to it. Christian is a guy that knows what he wants when he wants and he gets the job done. Every woman's dream is to find a man who knows exactly what he wants and well Anastasia did. And she helps with so much stuff that hes went thru in his past. 
There is some 'exotic scenes' in the book but they last about 2 pages each. Why put down a book for just about 10 pages. You can easily skip over them pages.
If i had to put my review or my opinion of this trilogy it would be "Its the ultimate chic flick in a book" 
This is a really good book. And i honestly hate that this book has got so much negative attention just because words of someone. Give the book a chance and i find out for your self. You dont have to read the 'scenes' or the 'contract' but read the STORY that the book gives. I promise you it wont leave you disappointed. There is actually some parts where i just laughed because i felt some of it was funny, theres some parts that made me mad and theres some parts that gave me 'butterflies' and then theres parts that made me so happy. The Author E L James gives so much detail that you can actually see what the person is thinking and what the do. and how they act toward one another. This book is by far the best book i've read!

QUOTES from the BOOK ! And yes there is a spoiler in the end !