Monday, November 2, 2015

Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

I don't know what to say about this book besides sabrina paige has DONE IT AGAIN. I can not stress how much i just LOVE her books ! She sucks you up in the book in the beginning and keeps you there. you really can not keep her books down. but anywho along with the book review :)

So Like i said Sabrina sucks you in the beginning. Belle is a worker in charity work. She has been working in Africa for the past two years and goes to LA for her bachelorette party where her maid of honor tells her that shes been sleeping with her fiance for the past two years. Yes i know SHOCKER. But anywho Belle takes off running from her maid of honor who is SUPPOSELY her best friend. Well guess she isn't after all huh. But anywho she starts running and well Albie runs straight into her or her into him. who knows. but it happens and he calls her Drunk Cinderella because she looses her shoe and she calls him the "Not so charming Prince" but heres the thing Albie is the Prince of Protrovia but belle doesn't know that. Things happen and well she ends up marrying Albie but two weeks later she goes to Protrovia to meet her mother and her fiance that so happens to be the KING of protrovia and who is the kings son?! You guessed it ALBIE. Well things happen between Albie and Belle while they were still in LA because the wedding was a scam it was a fake wedding and they said they were going to get it annulled but guess what. they didnt and well now they are married and in the same palace for the summer and well things gets heated quite a bit.
Get the book read it and sees how this Not so fairytale ends. I can guarantee you havent read one like this.
Oh Yeah Prince Albie also has a Prince Albert Piercing. So yeahhhh Prince Albert with a Prince Albert. the story just gets better and better!