Monday, November 2, 2015

Calling Me Series By Louise Bay

Another great series from Louise Bay. I got this book as an ARC for my honest review! This series is different. It's about two childhood friends that have joined as a family once one of their parents died and the other set moved to another country. Ashleigh has loved luke since they were teenagers but luke didn't feel that way. Or at least he didn't think so. But then his girlfriend, Emma, gave him two options: marry her or its over. So what does he do?! Well he does the later. He ends it with her and it suddenly hits him that he has this huge thing for ashleigh but what happen's when she doesn't feel like he's ready even thou she loves him and wants to be with him. We're talking about a good 10 year untold love here. 
This book is great. The 4 stars is absolutely nothing to do with the book itself. It's because of the Character Ashleigh. She gets aggravating and at some points I just wanted to reach into the book and smack the living crap out of her. So technically it's a 5 star book !

some of my fav quotes ! or just things that stood out to me !

"I was as terrible at giving compliments as I was at receiving them.

I savored every yes, every more, every oh, every there, every please. I wanted every one of her words. I knew what it was not to have them— I’d never take them for granted.