Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wicked Reunion BY Michelle A. Valentine

I loved this book! 
This is the first book i've read from Michelle Valentine and well I Read it in 2 days :) This will not be the last book i read from her. I started out with this book to start with. so i will have to go back and read Wicked White part 1 :) I got it as an ARC for my honest review and well i'm glad i did. This book it kept me interested all thru out the book It kept me thru it and held me there. Now it does go from Then to Now to Then quit a bit but it nothing over the top. You can keep up with it. Theres not drastic part where it stops and it looses you all together like some books. 
BUT..... about the book it self........
I will say this when things went bad i hated Jared ! and thought his brother was the sweetest and then at the end well Sweet Jared came back and Wes was the one i was hating. 
The heart loves who the heart loves. No better way to put it. This book does it right. You can go years without seeing each other trying to escape from your thoughts and try to get the other one out of your thoughts but it never happens. Your heart always goes to the one thing that it wants most. The one that your destined to be with.
I got this book as an ARC for my honest review !
This book doesn't come out til December 15, 2015.