Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Given to the Savage by Natasha Knight

I received a ARC for my HONEST REVIEW !  
This is a book with ALOT of emotions. Rowan and Silas does not have the fantasy love story. There is alot of stuff that happens that leads them together. To be honest i was skeptical about getting this book and requesting it but i am soooo glad i did. In the beginning when the book begins its heartbreaking. To be called "Breeder" just because you have kids. But let me tell you when Silas FIRST comes on the scene i knew he was going to be something different. He has this power in the way he presents himself. 
Rowan is from "The Colony" and Silas is from "The Settlement" and he made a deal with the commander to get something back inorder to breed Rowan. Rowan is in her early twenties and ready to be bred but what happens next is hardly believable. There are some twists and turns and wild events that happens in the coming weeks and months after Rowan is with Silas in his Settlement. Will everything be OK? Will everything come to "Normal" What happen??? Read the book and find out. Get thru the first couple chapters and i promise you won't regret it !
 This book is AMAZING