Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Hunted Series. Temptation Part 1-3

WOW. i am literally speechless. This book had so many turns and unexpected secrets it was unreal. Ok now with the drop story :)
So Penny is a 19 year old who is going to a unniversity and lives on campus in a dorm room. She is also kinda dating this guy named Austin but he doesn't like giving titles or anything, oh and he hasnt seen her all summer and hes been avoiding her phone calls. So anywho. Penny goes into a coffee shop and waits on Austin for a meet up real quick before her first class, She waits about 15 minutes before getting up and when shes just about to open up the door a tall dark handsome guy nearly knocks her down and her coffee spills all on her shirt.Well the guy feels bad about it and gives her his sweater. Not even 15 minutes later Penny is in her class waiting for her professor And guess who walks in. Yup you guessed it it was the hot mystery guy.
But this guy comes with ALOT of baggage. And well Penny finds herself leaning toward This other guy named Tyler Stevens. Hes abs, and pretty sexy to according to Penny and her best friend Madison. So when everything goes down with Mr Professor., does penny stay and fight for The professor or does she try and go for Tyler. Oh and then after this Penny has a secret on their own. Will it make them or break them!? 
This book does leave you hanging. So yes i am DYING TO GET ADDICTION! I hate cliffhangers and well this one is a pretty BIG ONE ! 
So Penny and Austin. Penny and Tyler. OR Penny and Professor Hunter [JAMES]
ooh the story is amazing.
Oh and i read this book in 2 days.Literally all 3 parts. Now off to read ADDICTION !