Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Her stepbrothers Christmas Gift By Rachel Kenley

This book is truly magical. She recieved a nutcracker as a gift and it was a magical one that she could go to the magical land and dance and just have the best time of her life for the night. She could get 7 nights i believe. She only got to have 3 before her stepbrother accidently made it toss into a fireplace and she hated him for 10 whole years. On the 10th year he makes her fairy tale come true and gifts her another soldier and once again she is able to go to that magical kingdom but her prince this time is her stepbrother.... What happens when she finds out that all them nights she goes to the magical kingdom this time around its actually her stepbrother. What happens when he professes her love. But most importantly what will her mother and his father think when their love is exposed. 
This book is truly magical in all the right ways. I loved it ! And honestly i want more. This is a short story but it has so much detail and so much stuff that happens in it. I am not dissapointed but i crave so much more of their story !