Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dark Paradise By Winter Renshaw

First off I would like to say that I LOVE Mrs. Renshaw books! They NEVER dissapoint. 
This book however was OK for me. It didn't strike me like the other ones did, it read a little different then her others. But I liked it. Would I recommend it?! ABSOLUTELY! 
Camille is a 24 year old who resides in DC as a sexual escort I guess you could say. Ronan is a 30 year old male who is the president's first born son. He pays 1 million to be with her for 12 weeks. But he keeps his identity a secret for as long as he can to protect her. And when she finds out she gets threatened by no other person then the first lady her self. Is it to late to protect Camille? Will Ronan ever convince Camille to love him like he loves her? Read the book and find out :) 
I received an advance copy for my honest review!