Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Royal Chase by Sariah Wilson !

I expected great things from this book! and let me tell you... I GOT IT! I absolutely loved Lemons and Dantes Story. I havent read the first one but this book caught me up in no time. 
Lemon is a 24 year old who is engaged and is a PR for a Royal family that lives in Monterra but she is currently in California because the Prince, Dante is on a show called "Marry Me" For Dante it was love at first hug. Lemon tells her self that nothing can happen because Dante is nothing but a womanizer and a playboy who doesn't care about nothing. Well that is according to Internet stories about him anyways.
So Does Lemon ever get a chance? Oh yeah and Lemon IS ENGAGED to a guy named Sterling.... Thats a totally different story.... Is Sterling the guy for Lemon? Is Dante really the womanizer that the internet tells her? And he just as childish as the stories state? 
This book is quite long but oh so worth it! I rate this book deff a 5 stars book and it can be read as a stand alone :) I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance ! 

This book comes out on January 26, 2016 !