Monday, July 3, 2017

Secret Love by Isabella White

Holly and Jake.
Ok so if you read Imperfect Love, you know that Jake wanted nothing to do with Holly and their baby. and you know that Their baby has turned into babies! Thats right Holly had twins. And you got so mad at Jake at the end of Imperfect Love because you just don't know how he could do that to Holly, the love of his life.
But what happens when Holly goes to Downsend for a internship to become the best cardiac doctor she could become to make a better life for her and her little girl, Jamie? Especially since her best friend, Rodney, is interning with Jake at P&E Hospital?! How is that going to turn out?
Will Jake ever know about Jamie and Romalia? Will Rodney every slip and tell Jake about how some douchebag left his best friend pregnant 5 years ago?! The questions are endless and they are all answered in this book. Some questions you didnt even know you had, will get answered in this book.
Yes it took forever for this book to come out, but honestly, i don't think she could have published this book sooner then rather later. This book is deff a 5 star rating! Took me three days to read it, and i loved every single bit of it. This is deffniately a must read for me! Especially if you loved Imperfect Love.
I believe this is a 4 book series. and well luckly this book does not leave in a cliffhanger! So that is deff a plus. Now to see what the next book holds, whenever that book is released!

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